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3D Innovation has two types of FFF 3D Printers in our product portfolio. Both printers are from 3DGence. The printers use FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)technology and 3DGence slicer software. 3DGence ONE printer has a PUSH patented quick release system for the hotend nozzle. The 3D Printers works with most filaments available on the market like PLA,  ABS, Nylon etc. 3DGence printers has a heated ceramic table which is automatic calibrated in several points on the entire surface. This will compensate for surface irregularities which will increase the quality of the printout during the 3D Printing.

NEW!: 3DGence DOUBLE 3D Printer

We are proud to present the new 3DGence DOUBLE printer. The 3D printer can print with 2 materials at the same time.  The accuracy of the 3D print has been further optimized. The printer will definitely be in the top compared to other comparable 3D printers. The printer will be on the market on February 22, 2018.


Major features are:

  • Strong and accurate 3D Print thanks to a robust construction
  • Auto calibration without the need for user assistance.
  • Additional safety precautions in the electronics.
  • Durable ceramic construction plate.
  • Reliable 3D Prints

Download Specifications:

specification sheet_double_eng

NEW!: 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 printing temperature up to 500 °C:

INDUSTRY F340 is a new 3DGence product. Heated chamber and HT module allow users to print with production grade materials like PEEK. Interchangeable modules provide the solution for clients that do not know yet which materials will prove useful for them.

PEEK 3D Print:

Major features are:

  • More reliable printing and more materials available thanks to direct drive extruder system
  • Interchangeable module that allow user to choose the module he need
  • High temperature module capabale of printing PEEK and other materials up to 500°C
  • Build area 26520 cm3
  • Strong and accurate prints due to heated build chamber
  • Full control over material status. Heated material chamber and weight control system takes care of everything
  • Maintenance free work. Auto calibration system adjust everything without user help
  • Durable ceramic heatbed
  • Dedicated electronics with several safety precautions
  • Automatic material loader. One click load filament
  • Odour free and safe operations because of air filtration system
  • End of filament sensor. The printer will automatically pause the print when filament will end
  • 3DGence Slicer with predefined material profiles
  • Power stand which secure tthe printe if power is switching off

Download specifications

specification sheet_industry F340_eng

Printing Modules:

Module PRO: Temp. range 150 °C- 265 °C. 2 Extruders. Print materials ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET, Nylon

Module HT: Temp. range 265 °C- 340 °C. 2 Extruders. Print materials PC, PC-ABS, PC-ESD

Module HT max: Temp. range 340 °C- 500°C. 2 Extruders. Print materials PEEK

Download specifications

PRINTING MODULES industry f340_en

3D Printed examples in PEEK on the New INDUSTRY F340 3D Printer

3D Printed example in ABS on the New INDUSTRY F340 3D Printer




3DGence ONE: A  powerful 3D Printing platform:


3DGence ONE Main Features:
• PUSH – patented quick hotend exchange  system
• Automatic heatbed calibration
• Autocompensation during the printouts
• Heated ceramic table
• Large heatbed: 235x255x195 mm
• Ultrasolid, patented construction
• Works with most filaments available on the market
• Heated ceramic table Ceramic table allows for easy separation of the print from the table.
• Open material base



3DGence ONE printer allows its user to print different materials like PLA, ABS, FiberFlex etc.

PUSH – patented quick hotend exchange system

The solution enables to replace hotend in just a few seconds, without use of tools. Furthermore it allows to customize the printer to the current needs

Automatic heatbed calibration
The only printer with fully automatic heatbed calibration, thanks to the special sensors. The device scans the heatbed and stores the map of points, so the device detects any possible surface irregularities. This solution provides a significant increase of quality. Eliminates the problem with adhesion between printouts and the surface

Please contact us for financial opportunities and specifications.


specification sheet_one_eng

3D Printed Examples on the 3DGence ONE 3D Printer





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