Conformal Cooling

Conformal Cooling – Economic Potential

With the 3D printing it is possible to optimize your product related to functionality and cost savings. In this case an injection tool component was optimized within the cooling system. The manufacturing was only possible with the 3D Printing technology where the validation of the system first was 3D modelled in CAD and printed out in our FDM-printer. The final concept was 3D printed in a metalprinter.

By ensuring uniform cooling throughout the molding geometry it will high the quality of the molded plastic part in terms of roll, suctions and tolerances.

Uniform cooling in the forming geometries, will reduce the injection molding cycle.  Typically a reduction of 30-60 % and give more capacity in the molding shop .

Though a tool optimization with 3D Printeet is an expensive investment, it is written off fairly quickly.


3D Innovation conformal_23D Innovation conformal_7


After 3D modeling in Creo 4.0 and FEM in Creo simulate, the model was printed in our 3D Printing Factory 1:1 to verify the design and concept.



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